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  • Whitney Davidson-Rhodes

Everglow Came to “Slay” at Kings Theatre

Everglow and Forever, the fandom name, were finally reunited at Kings Theatre this passed Friday, November 3rd. It was a long-awaited comeback after what felt like years. Almost two, to be exact.

Everglow came hot onto the K-Pop scene in 2019 with their debut song, "Bon Bon Chocolat", a high-octane track about being set free and being a light for other to follow. They were a refreshing group to come out not belonging to the Big Four, with a bit of a darker motif both in styling and musicality. They have strong, harmonious vocals and hard-hitting choreography that can rival your favorite boy groups. They followed up with “Adios,” “La Di Da,” and my personal favorite, “First.”

“First” kick-off Everglow’s first world tour set list. The fans rightfully and joyfully screamed for them and sang long during the chorus. It truly set the tone with expectations of how the show was going to go. The stage didn’t have any crazy special effects other than a banner

They follow-up with their latest single, “Slay.” The song itself is very reminiscent of their very first song, and in some ways felt like they were debuting again. “Slay” lets you know that Everglow is here to stay and to show other groups how it’s done. It’s a great Girl Power anthem with, what I think is, a nod to TLC in the lyrics “slay slay Crazy Sexy Cool.” The video to the song itself gives off late 90s/early-aughts hip-hop and pop vibes. Everglow even wore their earth-tone set of wardrobe from from the music video.

There weren’t any costume changes, but that’s understandable because there was barely any breaks betweens sets. Instead of wasting precious time, Everglow decided to talk to fans. Since it was their first time in New York City, they asked for suggestions on places to visit and a few fans yelled out some staples, namely Central Park.

This down period also gave the members time to rest and recharge and move into their slow songs. They asked everyone to be seated at this time and it was nice being able to see full see them on stage. One fan behind even commented how they could finally see. I had bomb seats and closer than I’ve ever been for a K-pop concert, but even I had to agree. We sat through “Hush” and “Oh Ma Ma God” where attendees held up their phone lights or other group lightsticks since Everglow has yet to have their own.

Some highlights include the solo and subunit stages. Sihyeon mic was definitely on when she performed a cover of Love on Top by Beyonce. I was blown away with how well she hit those notes; truly a child of destiny. Mia danced to Stela Cole’s “I Shot Cupid” in a white shirt a la Risky Business and looked amazing doing it. My favorite of the special stage was a medley where they performed “Super Shy,” “Super,” “Queencard,” and “Boombayah.” The crowd, of course, loved and sung a long to the hit songs of summer.


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